1. Question 1

    What’s your opinion of Obamacare?

    • It has given millions of Americans health care coverage and saved countless lives in the process.
    • Worst thing that’s ever happened to America.
  2. Question 2

    Climate change: Real/Not real?

    • Real: After all, I am a scientist.
    • Real: After all, I trust scientists.
    • Not real: My head is real comfy buried in this sand.
    • Not real: Gotta protect my special interest friends, my kids can deal with this later.
  3. Question 3

    War on women:

    • Hard to deny that it’s real. Just look at how hard it is for low-income and rural women to get a legal abortion.
    • Hard to deny that it’s real. After all, the wage gap has barely budged!
    • Hard to deny that it’s real. Though making it illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against women was a nice change.
    • Liberal conspiracy.
  4. Question 4

    Finish this sentence: The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun, _____

    • Is a good guy with a gun.
    • Is reasonable gun control measures like background checks and laws to stop terrorists from buying guns.
  5. Question 5

    What should we do about undocumented immigration?

    • Deport them. Who needs 12 million of our neighbors living with peace of mind, contributing to our economy, and working towards the American Dream?
    • Pass policies that treat immigrants like the human beings that they are.
  6. Question 6

    A restaurant seats you next to a same-sex couple. What do you do?

    • Order food, chat with your dining companion, eat food, pay check, leave.
    • Get mad about how your religious liberty is being stepped on.
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